Delicate Power : Curator Notes for Gilty Kiss & Emma Mount Solo Feb/Mar Art Exhibit

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Delicate Power : Curator Notes for Gilty Kiss & Emma Mount Solo Feb/Mar Art Exhibit

"Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses
possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size" -Virginia Woolf

I am so very pleased to have the opportunity to share the love of Gustav Klimt and his intimate romance of life , death, but more over women. The artists  selected through their painted strokes, emulated  Klimt works that were beyond what I could have imaged.

The only criteria was  use of gilt of some sort ala Klimtesque style !

We accomplished from the figurative and ,to her audience,noticeably new style of Cristina Paulos with  a nude of flowing hair and petaled nipples teased with gold leaf. We also crossed genres and time with the lounging nude in art deco/modern backdrop in the work of Damian Chavez (above)


We have a street artist, a psychologist, a sign painter and maestro in the midst of our introductory show "Gilty Kiss" that runs through March 31st .

You won't want to miss your chance to experience the world renown artist, George Yepes, Mestizo epic rendition of Klimt's famous "The Kiss" portrait. Maestro Yepes expresses his own heritage in a powerful statement of female duality, internal struggles with faith and cultures and eroticism. He captures female delicate power in  juxtaposed  opalescent paint


Gilty Kiss illuminates in class feminine essence while United Kingdom based artist, Emma Mount takes us through time from  the angst of adolescence and influences to a dreaming cosmic presence of woman in phases.


Emma Mount solo brings us to her studio and her own journey growing up as a life long tale of dolls, skateboards to gothy cult  princess, Wednesday Addams and musings of David Bowie , and exotic ladies of Duran Duran. The venture backdrop in a celestial , geometrically trip through the ages and stages of growing in time.

We are very fortunate and honored to present all the artists here at The Artillerist online for those who can not make it to  The Artillerist @ Hive in Downtown Los Angeles. All art works available online .

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming" ~ David Bowie