Happy Birthday George Barris !!

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Happy Birthday George Barris !!



A few years back around 2013 when we first started the George Barris tribute show now dubbed: "KAPOW!!The Art Show I asked writer, WJBEAN to compile so quotes of a few great creators as to how George Barris inspired them. 

This as never been published but as a CHEERS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to George Barris born November 20, 1925 I wanted to share one most special.

Barris creativity lives on through all the wonderful cars he and his crew and his peers and collaborators have left us to cherish and admire. 

Enjoy these words of admiration from one of your favorites in the Low Brow Art genre and grand pupa of the scene the late and great Greg Escalante

"The first time I saw George was in the early 1960s at the Kress Store by my house. There was a toy model section shelf and all these different wild creations were on display. One of these shined more than others. It was a modified hot rod that had vertical headlights and was painted in pearl, purple and gold. I think it was called Ala Cart. 

Later the Batman Series came out on TV. The show really captured the Zeitgist of youth culture. Witnessing the Batmobile for the first time was like looking at the Pieta on wheels. George Barris' imagination and skill were a part of what fueled my art appreciation and sensibility. This influence is what helped fuel and motivate my art mission for the rest of my life." - Greg Escalante 2013


Featured new art for KAPOW!!2017 by Macsorro

1966 Crime Fighter featuring Batmobile