Coatlicue In Vienna

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 This piece especially created for The Artillerist "Gilty Kiss" Show is a beautiful bold rendition commingling the artist's heritage while paying homage to Klimt's most revered piece , "The Kiss". Modeled by actress, Cindy Vela, this piece features duality, beauty , and cultural bliss. 

"I once called George Yepes the “Tintoretto of Los Angeles” for his epic murals of medical, erotic and religious compassion.  

“Coatlicue in Vienna” shows us that he has evolved, like the creatures in the painting, into the Cosmologist of the New World and the Genghis Khan of Chicano Art. 

~Prof. David Carrasco

Painted in rich tones of gold and pearlessent acrylics  and is 30 x 40 stretched canvas

Original painting by George Yepes